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Card slitter or guillotine? Difficult choice for small printing shop.

Business Card Slitter producing.

So you decided to open your business. Nice idea, you will not depend on you pay check and can arrange you life according to you business. Eahhh…… so many ways to run you business and one of them is printing business, Why not? Look around you and you will see a lot of printed paper, magazine, newspaper, greeting cards and ….. you know I mean. It means printing industry always in demand
Even though there are a lot of printings shops around you; there is always a place under the sun. So, so what do you need to open printing shop? You need not a lot of equipment and not a big room- open Internet and you can find what you need. Of course, at first, you don’t need to buy expensive equipment until you grow up and gain experience, and of course you will be interested in the efficiency of your equipment because the more your productivity the less will be the price of your product. You can buy printers at high speed, but here’s the problem…. how to cut your product for properly size (for instance business cards 2” x3.5” (50mm x 90mm). There are many ways to cut paper, and some of them have other advantages and some disadvantages. I would like to point on one of the most popular equipment-business card slitter/card slitter. Business Card Slitter allows you to quickly and accurately cut the paper sheet to the desired size of cards.

Advantages of business card slitter.

Cutting blades (Semi-self sharpening) allow the slitter machine to work without sharpening and replacement for many years,

All cutter machines are easy operated.

When you using our High Speed Electric Cutter Machine, your efficiency increases many times compared to the guillotine.

Tolerance for finished business card size is ±0.005″. No curve cards. Clean cut.

Only once set up guides and then only put stock and run. No need any more set up. ——————————————————————————

I would like you pay attention to the largest manufacturer of Business Card slitters . ERSO company has long been a successful company producing print finishing equipment/Business Card Slitters/ in North America and located in Toronto Canada. ERSO small team works successfully together to produce technologically advanced products as business card /card slitters.
Producing slitter machines (automatic, electric, heavy duty) high quality, including custom-made paper cutters, and proudly serving you since the 2002 year. With over 10 years experience, our engineering department has become experts in the design of modern slitters that are industry leaders in reliability and customer support ERSO is  the only company in Canada producing slitting machines for the printing industry and we are proudly supplying our customer all around the World with a high-quality product ERSO  customers are located all over the World, including North and South America, Europe, Asia and South Africa. You can by business card slitters on web site  — www.sliters.us



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